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Linktree page of linktree company with a summary and featured links

Linktree is a link in bio service for publishing a flat list of links at a short vanity path (like Twitter and other social media silos) for what appears to be for the sole purpose of effectively linking to multiple sites from social media profiles like Instagram which only allow one clickable link in a profile.


Main article: link_in_bio#Why

The use-cases for the Linktree silo are the same in general as link in bio use-cases, in particular the ability to share a single link, either in a social media profile or in a message to someone, which the reader can click to then explore a handful of destinations.

Why not

Make a simple homepage instead:

a "homepage" is like a linktree, except decentralized and also you can design it however you like.

@v21 January 26, 2022

IndieWeb Examples

Make a link in bio page on your personal site instead!

See link in bio IndieWeb Examples


Criticism of the Linktree silo in particular:

Bans sex workers

Used to spread misinformation

Ironically in contrast to the other criticism:

Leaning into web3 hype

Has fallen into the web3/NFT deep end

Requires JS

Links don't work on Linktree pages if JS doesn't load.


  • 2024-03-24 @danderson: via Mastodon

    F in chat for, who let their domain registration expire 2 weeks ago. TLD NS records got pulled today, so once the cached TTLs run down...Still got another month to grab it back before it becomes available for purchase, but still, oof.


linktree page

Has anyone has used the brandname recognition of Linktree to their advantage for such links?

E.g. rather than


you could make a


as a page on your own site or as a redirect your "links" page (like Andy Bell's above) and then use that link in "social media profiles" just because people have been taught to click on something that is called a linktree (or has "linktree" in a short URL)

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