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Linktree is a site for publishing a flat list of links at a short vanity path (like Twitter and other social media silos) for what appears to be for the sole purpose of seeming to provide multiple links from social media profiles like Instagram which only allow one clickable link in your profile.

Linktree page of linktree company with a summary and featured links


Why have a page with a vertical stack of links styled as buttons with center-aligned text that looks simple / unconfusing on a mobile device (No reason why to use the Linktree silo in particular)?

Why use the Linktree silo in particular:

  • Possibly: adding links to your social media profile that resist scanning by the social media site. For example, Instagram will remove any account with obvious adult site links but they won't if those links are behind a linktree link.

IndieWeb Examples

IndieWeb Examples of things that look/act like what Linktree does, without actually having to use Linktree.

  • Andy Bell:
    • actually references Linktree by name in the page description
  • Anthony Ciccarello:
    • Adapted mobile-focused style and added QR code to open on phone
    • Currently a distinct list but considering listing pinned bookmarks
  • Aaron Parecki:
    • Modified a theme from LinkFree
    • Shows a thumbnail of the 3 most recent Instagram posts, linking to the link mentioned in the post
    • Shows other related links below
    • At the bottom has links to the main website and other profiles


linktree page

Has anyone has used the brandname recognition of Linktree to their advantage for such links?

E.g. rather than


you could make a


as a page on your own site or as a redirect your "links" page (like Andy Bell's above) and then use that link in "social media profiles" just because people have been taught to click on something that is called a linktree (or has "linktree" in a short URL)


Similar sites/services to Linktree:

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Themes

  • There's a old (predating 2010-06-17) MiniCard WordPress theme by Mike Jolley which visually has a similar look to Linktree which is described as a business card site for displaying social media sites that had built in vCard/hCard support.
    • An example of the theme can be found in use on Alex Enkerli's website.

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