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printed website is a version of a website or content from a website that exists on paper.


Printing one's website is useful for archival purposes. It is easy to lose web content over time, either by accident or due to your losing interest in maintaining a piece of content. Because books are physical and final -- they cannot be edited without another print run -- you do not need to spend any time on maintenance to keep a copy of your work.

Other reasons one might print a website include:

  • To sell their content to other people
  • To create highlights of their best posts or pages for later reference
  • To give someone a physical copy of content they may enjoy


How to create

To create a website ready for printing, you could:

  • Set up print styles and then print a single page or multiple pages on your website
  • Copy your blog posts into word processing software, format the document, and print the results
  • Write a program that moves all of your blog posts into a document which you can later edit

How to print

One can print a website from home, although this could be expensive depending on whether you want to print in color, what type of paper you use, and how many pages you want to print. Services like Lulu provide on-demand printing services which may be useful if you do not have a printer or if the cost of printing your own book yourself is too high.

Several companies offer complete services to print blogs to a book, though many rely on the APIs of specific hosts (like Blogger or Wordpress).


There are a few factors you should consider before printing your website:

  • There will be a cost to printing your website (whether you outsource to a professional printing business or use ink you have purchased for your home printer).
  • You might decide to go through multiple revisions before you feel your book is ready.
  • Formatting your printed website will take time (unless you use print CSS styles, in which case formatting time might be cut down considerably).

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