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MediaWiki is open source server wiki-project written in PHP that is used by Wikipedia and

MediaWiki uses MySQL for primary storage.


The IndieWebCamp community uses MediaWiki as a collaborative document editing tool, to capture "what is the current state of something", to make it easier to reference answers, definitions, how tos, etc.

MediaWiki just happens to have better persistence / search discovery than alternatives that are equivalently community accessible (E.g. Etherpad, Google Docs, both of which have the js;dr problem and neither of which are search engine indexed.)

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Building Block Proposals

There are a number of proposals to add indieweb building blocks support to MediaWiki that can quicly and easily satisfy some great use-cases, as well as potentially improving performance (e.g. encouraging switching from polling to notification)

IndieWebCamp Customizations

IndieWeb Examples

Tom Morris

Tom Morris uses MediaWiki on his personal site wiki at:

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich uses MediaWiki as his personal wiki site at

Other Independent Examples

Friend of GWG

David Shanske has setup MediaWiki for a friend as a private thing and maintains it for them.

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