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OpenStreetMap as open source venue DB

OpenStreetMap contains a great number of venues that are similar to those found in checkin apps like Foursquare, (the now decrepit) Gowalla, Facebook Places etc. These can contain user-generated metadata that is more or less useful and can be reused openly under the terms of the ODbL.

Example venues:

OpenStreetMap data can be used to build an indie checkin service and the basis for a indie review service (using hReview etc.)


  • an open source named-entity-recognition-as-you-type system. On Facebook, if you are typing a status update and start typing the name of a friend like "John", it'll pop up all the people you know whose name is John and let you click to make them into a link (and notify them etc.)
    • what's stopping this happening for me? writing the sort of JS to do that on the fly is hard and I'm not a front-end person.
    • ideally, we could have our own little list of friends stored locally in a DB on each website/indie-web-node which the editor would query.
    • textInput event in JS. each textinput event gets put into a 20-length FIFO cache in memory. when a new word starts with a capital letter, wait until three letters are entered, send to server. B-Tree index the list of people on formatted names.
    • See autosuggest where I've started documenting existing behavior and indieweb attempts at replicating - and please add examples too! - Tantek 15:10, 11 September 2012 (PDT)


Location context aware computing

  • when my phone is connected to my home wifi network, I'd auto checkin at home, which would update my site to remove the thing saying I'm wherever.
  • I get to work. my server detects I've connected to it from my work IP. it geolocates me to my office. my posts then auto-geolocate to the office
  • I want my own personal FireEagle running on - my server should be able to work out where I am with some confidence value most of the time
  • what I really want is for my computer to work out that when it's connected to my expensive 3G connection that it absolutely must not download any software updates in the background because it's BLOODY EXPENSIVE - update Chrome or OS X all you like when I'm at home or work
  • old ranty post about context hacking -