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An ISBN or International Standard Book Number is a unique numeric commercial book identifier, re-used by some sites in custom URLs for redirects or searching for books and related data.

IndieWeb Examples


Tantek Çelik marks up read posts with URLs of the form /isbn/########## which redirect to Amazon using which he built.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill marks up books he wants to read with an ISBN URL that redirects to using


ISBN Converter

ISBN barcode generator


History and description

ISBN numbers began use in 1970. Numbers assigned after 2007-01-01 are 13 digits long and known as ISBN-13 while those prior to that date are 10 digits long and known as ISBN-10. Different ISBNs are assigned to each edition and substantial variation of printed books, e-books, and even audio books (except for reprintings when there are no substantive changes) thus a hardback, paperback, .pdf, .mobi (e-book), and .epub (e-book) of the same book should all have different ISBNs.

ISBN-13 numbers are comprised of 5 groups of digits each typically separated by a dash. They indicate, respectively from left to right: Bookland Country Code, Group, Publisher, the specific title, and a check digit.


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