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International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an identification number for periodicals that at least two IndieWeb community members have on their websites. ISSNs are controlled by the member countries of the ISSN International Centre.

How To

Most IndieWeb sites are ineligible for ISSN assignment. "Ongoing integrating resources" (such as part of a website) must meet specific criteria such as having a consistent URL, a clear publisher, and a consistent publication Title. Personal websites/online diaries, link-only sites, and company websites are specifically excluded though blogs that do not fall into those categories may be allowed.

IndieWeb Examples

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman has an ISSN on his website about page, since at least 2003-09-24:

  • 2003-09-24 Zeldman: Must-link-to: ISSN and weblogs

    Many independent web periodicals, including the one you’re reading, have long held an ISSN number (ours is 1534-0309). Once you obtain such a number, your publication officially exists in a standardized encyclopedia of periodicals maintained by the world’s librarians.

Terence Eden

Terence Eden has an ISSN in his website footer: since ????-??-??

Future IndieWeb Examples

  • capjamesg would like one but cannot register at present due to the ongoing British Library services outage. He would have to register with the British Library.

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