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recipe is special kind of post, that typically has a name, like articles do, a list of ingredients, and a list of instructions for making something, usually food or drink.


Consider posting recipes for food or drink that you come up with that you think your friends will enjoy.


Mark up your recipe posts with h-recipe.

  • If your recipe has a name use "p-name" for it.

Consider marking up your recipe also with the classic hRecipe since a few consuming applications (like Paprika) and services (like Google Recipe Search) still use it.

DO NOT enclose it an h-entry - there is no need to do so.

If you want to separately post a note about creating or using the recipe on a particular day, then that makes sense as a separate h-entry post that would/could then link to the recipe on its own permalink.

IndieWeb Examples

Marked up as h-recipe.

Eli Duke

Eli Duke has been publishing recipes marked up as h-recipe since 2014-04-22 (git repo for the previous code base of his site, new code base is in a private repo).


  • h-recipe markup only (no enclosing h-entry)

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki had been informally posting recipes as notes since 2014-01-27 but none of them included any explicit h-recipe markup. As of 2017-01-22 they have been converted to h-recipe markup!


gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has posted recipes as of 2017-04-14


  • h-recipe markup only (no enclosing h-entry)

Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour has been publishing recipes on his site since 2015-08-14, marked up with mf2 as h-recipe. Jonathan created the plugin for publishing h-recipes for Known.

hRecipe Examples

Examples of recipe posts with only classic hRecipe markup.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has been publishing recipes marked up with mf1 as hrecipe since 7/4/15 and mf2 as h-recipe since 7-20-16. Incidentally as of July 2016, WordPress (via JetPack) supports a recipe shortcode which automatically adds sparse mf1 markup. Chris hopes to encourage them to additionally add mf2 markup as well. Those who'd like the modified JetPack code can find it here.

Prototype Examples

These are examples of recipes as content being posted as other post types to the IndieWeb, but not marked up as h-recipe or hRecipe.

Shane Becker

Shane Becker has posted at least one recipe on his site as an article, since 2005-03-30. It does not include any yet, he plans to go back and backfill it with h-recipe markup.

Kyle Mahan

Kyle Mahan has a secondary personal site where he posts recipes:

Silo Examples


Pinterest has supported parsing h-recipe to provide "rich pins" for recipes for quite some time (many years).

Perfect Company

The Perfect Company website publishes their recipes with h-recipe markup. Examples:


Maureen Evans has been posting recipes on twitter at @cookbook in a text picoformat. Her abbreviations are documented and so could be expanded to h-recipe



The Paprika Recipe Manager application parses classic hRecipe from the web.

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