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Pinterest is a visual bookmark hosting silo where users "pin" (bookmark), or "repin" (repost a bookmark of) a page with a specific image from that page to a "pinboard" (named bookmark collection) and follow other users and/or pinboards created by others.


Profile page

Displays a list of your pinboards with thumbnails of some pins on that board.


Reset following list

I logged in for the first time in ages and saw this prompt near the top of the page. It appears they're giving me the option to clear out my following list. gRegor Morrill 17:45, 1 October 2015 (PDT)



There are WordPress plugins for POSSE-ing posts to Pinterest - e.g. WP Pinner. This would be useful for personal sites of visually-oriented professionals (fashion designers, photographers, artists etc.)


extremely aggressive sign-up notifications

Pinterest pulls up a full-page overlay that enforces you to either sign up or prevents viewing more of the board contents. pinterest-full-page-overlay.png

bots get special treatment

While the amp of a direct pin address highlights the main image, the normal, non-amp HTML doesn't, yet, this information is available in open graph meta, twitter meta, and in ld-json format for bots.

copyright issues

  • due to hidden source often cited as "source" of shared images
  • ToS "require" users to only share images they are allowed to, while everything else about the service encourages pinning random content
  • rights Pinterest reserves would be far-reaching even if they were produced by their user


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