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Gimme Bar was a social bookmarking service that stored copies of collected content in the cloud. They announced on 2017-12-06 that the service will be closing and exports will be available. [1]

How to export

  • As of 2017-12-07, log in at: (or Reminisce Here button on the homepage)
  • You will either see a message that your export is not ready and an email address to contact; or (presumably) be shown a link "Gimme My Gimmies!" which will download a zip file.
    • gRegor Morrill: I initially experienced the "not ready" message. I emailed and it took about a week for them to get the export ready for me.
  • The zip file appears to include complete backup of the HTML and images so you can click through your collections and individual "gimmies". On an individual "gimmie" page, there is also a link to "Gimme JSON". This appears to be the GimmeBar API representation of the data.

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