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Demos for IndieWebCamp Austin 2019 took place February 24, 2019.

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronparecki.com
  • has an emoji page with his most-used emoji
  • updated his profile photo, but also updated his posts that use emojis so his profile photo on the post matches, e.g pizza emoji has him eating pizza
  • click through emoji on https://aaronparecki.com/emoji for exampls
  • if you follow his mf2 feed, you'll get these photos in your reader

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, http://tantek.com
  • migrated a few domains today
  • migrated amazon URL shortener, http://asin.cc
  • as part of migration, got https!
  • the shortlinks it generates also have https
  • one of seven domains he's confirmed that migrated today.
  • shows migrated h2vx.com, now with https

Rayna Harris

  • http://raynamharris.com
  • accomplished a bunch of tiny things on her site
  • no longer a github.io URL, got a domain: raynamharris.com
  • added a photo and an h-card
  • the footer was only working on one page, fixed so it works across all pages
  • played with some CSS themes, fixed the heading sizes
  • the blog she did the most work on. Wrote a post yesterday about using asciinema
  • text-based screenshare so you can copy/paste command line stuff
  • used the IWC wiki to find other Jekyll people with a share section, added a "post on twitter" link, a "reply on twitter", "copy the permalink", and disqus comments

gRegor Morrill

David Millar

Stephen Bowling


  • https://isaiah.micro.blog
  • @Isaiah on Twitter, Instagram, micro.blog
  • blogs about his development
  • working on a client for micro.blog
  • shows signin mechanism with Kiwi
  • client has a nice narrow view for micro.blog, similar to oldschool twitter client
  • sometimes some big pictures and they don't fit well in the timeline
  • slurping up HTML, parsing images so he can output it anyway he wants... made some progress on that today, doesn't have a demo of it
  • hopefully available for download soon!

Manton Reece

  • Manton Reece, https://manton.org
  • yesterday's session on linkrot reminded him he wanted to work on micro.blog import/export
  • worked on a format called blog archive format
  • exports in this format, uploads to S3
  • it's a zip file with two files: index.html, jsonfeed, and a photos folder
  • HTML has plain layout, but mf2
  • all posts have relative paths for the folder
  • idea is there is a usable format (you can look at it) but it's also machine readable
  • second thing he worked on is adding microsub support to micro.blog as a server
  • sign into Monocle account with micro.blog
  • timeline, mentions, and favorites show up in Monocle
  • only supports new posts now, not old posts, so you can't scroll back far
  • added in-reply-to functionality, so can reply directly from mb


  • made a rough video recap of this event, played it for us
  • got a logo animation, intends to have some voiceover

Tom Brown

  • Tom Brown, http://herestomwiththeweather.com
  • started documenting an easy way to get set up with WordPress and a reader
  • ran into some issues with Dreamhost, went back to Reclaim Hosting
  • hoping to have something to recommend to get set up with a reader quickly

Cornelius Toole

  • http://micro.corntoole.com
  • his easy task today was connecting micro.blog to his domain
  • working on blog archive format
  • starting point was whatever the host gives you, since you don't usually have a choice
  • found a feed-into-json project and forked it
  • grabs an RSS feed from Micro Mondays
  • and it will spit out index.html, index.json
  • showed the resulting HTML
  • showed the template he's using for the HTML markup. Posted a link in chat and would welcome feedback.
  • with audio and even images, you can get into some big filesizes. Might need to export HTML first then addon tools to incrementally download assets

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com
  • shows logging in to Quill
  • much to his disappointment, there's no picture of the logged-in user on Quill
  • submitted a PR that adds it on the Quill homepage when you're logged in
  • the IndieAuth endpoint returns the name and photo of the user
  • also added geofencing, within the fenced area won't show the precise location, just a name like "home"
  • made a bunch of fixes to code used by Yarns and Post Kinds Plugin

Constantine Murenin

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