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OwnYourSwarm is a service which sends your Swarm checkins to your own website via Micropub.


Swarm has nice native mobile apps for checking in, so if you're already a user of those, it's quite convenient to setup OwnYourSwarm to post your checkins automatically to your own website!

Posting your checkins to your own website (instead of just on Swarm) has all the usual ownyourdata benefits.

How to


The main instance of this runs at https://ownyourswarm.p3k.io

Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/aaronpk/OwnYourSwarm

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of IndieWeb sites using OwnYourSwarm to post their checkins:

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki created OwnYourSwarm to scratch his own itch, and in fine selfdogfood style immediately switched to using it as of 2017-03-19 to post checkins to his own site!

Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour started using OwnYourSwarm on 2017-03-30:

Aaron Gibson

Started using OwnYourSwarm on 2017-03-30 on his Known site (while still also using OwnYourCheckin)

Ted Tschopp

Ted Tschopp Started using OwnYourSwarm on 2018-06-01 for his own site hosted on github pages.


Person Tags

OwnYourSwarm detects when a checkin has person tags, and then passes those along in the Micropub request. The person-tags are sent as JSON h-cards, including the Swarm user's first name as reported by the service, along with the profile photo of the user. If the tagged user also uses OwnYourSwarm, then their own website URL is used in addition to their Swarm profile URL.

Checked in by

Swarm provides a feature which allows your friends to check you in if you've allowed it. When a friend checks in and tags you in the checkin, a checkin is also created on your account. OwnYourSwarm will push this checkin to your site just like if you had created the checkin yourself.

OwnYourSwarm includes an additional property in the Micropub JSON request that includes the h-card of the person who checked you in. The property is called checked-in-by, and includes the h-card of the person who checked you in in the same format as used by person tags.

Micropub Options

OwnYourSwarm provides two options for making Micropub requests to your site. It can send checkins as simple text (or text and photo) posts using the simple form-encoded Micropub style, or can send a JSON post that contains a much richer checkin object including full h-card person tags, full venue information, and HTML content.


See the OwnYourSwarm docs for more details.

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