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Ted Tschopp

Ted Tschop


Ted Tschopp is an Enterprise Technology Architect focusing on web and automation

Elsewhere: Twitter GitHub Keybase

Contact: email:

My IndieWeb Setup

https:/ is my primary home where I post all my stuff via micropub or Jekyll files to github.

  • Bridgy Monitors Social Media
  • OwnYourSwarm for checkins
  • Quill has been setup but the blog posts are not pretty yet on the homepage so they are hard to find.
  • OwnYourGram for some media pieces. But I hate Instagram and Facebook so this might be temporary.
  • I am using Microput-to-Github by Pelle Wessman hosted on github here to get micropublishing into Github.
  • I am using for webmentions and pingbacks
  • I am using for my Authorization and token endpoints


Related blog posts

  • None yet. I will post a complete how to when I am done

Working On

Personal Website

  • I'm building indieweb functionality into my personal site, which is hosted over on github using their own Jekyll engine.
    • I got webmentions to work via JavaScript.
    • I have my homepage setup for Micropublishing
    • I am currently trying to get all the different inbound Micrpublishing data objects to appear correctly in the Jeyll


  • My day job is at a Fortune 500 company as their chief nerd for Automation and Digital / Web Technologies.
    • Move customer website to a Globally Hosted Container Based Cloud first Solution with a micro services Integration Layer
    • Implement Desktop and Process Automation Tools
    • Implemented Cognitive Services
  • My hobbies include Role Playing where:
    • I am trying to get a version of Gamma World Converted to D&D 5e
    • I am trying to get a version of Tolkien's Valar converted over to DCC Patrons