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syndication may refer to the practice of syndication (aka cross-posting, for example practicing POSSE to ownyourdata), a specific copy or instance of syndication, or the u-syndication property.

  • The act of syndication, cross-posting copies of your content to or from other sites (e.g. to silos). See also POSSE.
  • An instance of syndication, that is a particular copy of one of your original posts. When original posts link to their syndications, such links should be marked up with u-syndication.
  • The u-syndication property - an h-entry property for use when linking to copies your original posts.


IndieWebCamp sessions that covered related syndication ideas:


  • Icons/Emoji to indicate syndication
    • Naturally icons for individual silos could be used to represent them individually, but for icons that could mean syndication or cross-posting consider the following (free Font Awesome icons indicated in brackets):
      • share (\f1e0) (this often has the connotation that the reader should click to share it to other silos, not that it has already been shared to them)
      • bullhorn (\f0a1) (also has the connotation of "announcement")
      • copies (\f0c5)
      • globe(s) (\f0ac or \f57d)
      • paper airplanes (\f1d8) (might be mistaken for a compass arrow depending on the design)
      • broadcast tower (\f519)
      • satellite (\f7bf) (connotes broadcasting versus the satellite dish (\f7c0) which could be perceived as receiving)
      • newspaper (\f1ea)
      • Delivery Truck aka shipping-fast (\f48b)

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