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A whostyle is a type of stylesheet that can be used to style syndicated hypertext and quotes outside of your website. It is a working draft, started by Kicks Condor in November 2018.

Possible uses of a whostyle could be to style:

  1. Posts in a feed reader.
  2. Quotes from another site.
  3. Comments from other sites.
  4. Embedded posts throughout the Web.

Whostyles only apply to the container for the syndicated hypertext. This usually means that the hypertext is placed in an iframe along with sanitize.css.


Whostyles help preserve one's intended appearance for the text. This may seem purely aesthetic - but this also enables one to preserve complex layouts and tables in syndicated hypertext.


TODO: There is more to write here about creating 'whostyles' one it firms up - see the first link in this document for the current details.