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Jacob Hall is currently a geology undergrad at William & Mary. He's been slowly building his website into an online home, where he can post about what he's learning, interact with his internet friends, and organize the content he wants to keep.

Jacob Hall


Jacob Hall is a student in Williamsburg, Virginia

Elsewhere: Instagram GitHub

Contact: email

My Code

Al of the code for my website is available at

Future Plans

I'm building a set of IndieWeb services so that I can interact with other personal sites socially:

I've also begun work on a h-card "contacts directory" that interfaces with each of these services. As I implement each of these services, I will update the Examples sections of the corresponding wiki pages (linked above) with a description of my site's functionality.

Someday, I want to make this project available as a template for others to use. The building blocks will all be open-source and customizable, from the database schema to the HTML. As the different pieces mature, I'll likely break them into different projects, and link them together with composer or similar.

After that, I'll experiment with creating a tilde community that hosts customizable personal sites for people using these IndieWeb building blocks. The idea is that we'll be able to use, maintain, and improve the same tools together on the same server. Over time, we'll make it easier for less technical users to join and use our tools to express themselves freely. I've started to draft my plan for this community here.


The best way to reach me is by email:

There are a few other platforms I use listed on my website, and I'm looking to launch my own synapse server so that I may chat with my friends on Matrix.