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StaticPOSSE was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2016.

Notes archived from http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/2016StaticPOSSE



  • William or Salt
    • building sites for seven years
    • uses middleman
  • Scott
    • Using Perch as a CMS
    • Interested in setting up POSSE
  • Emma
    • set up 2 indie sites
    • using neonblog and skein which she wrote and open source
  • Jesus
    • started jekkyl site several weeks ago
    • integrated microformats
    • want to add POSSE
  • Ed
    • has multiple sites
    • wants to see what to publish
    • sees POSSE as way to post on his sites

Where are you hosting your static sites?

  • Salt.
    • S3
    • thinking of github
  • Ed
    • Gitlab
    • netifly
  • Jesus
    • Lino
  • Emma
    • S3
    • Github publishing for proof of concepts


  • Salt
    • uses markdown
    • sending things to https://brid.gy
    • telegraph web mentions
    • silo.pub
  • Brid.gy as tool to publish
    • https://brid.gy/about#publish
    • use interactive UI on your bridgy user page or send webmention
    • (bridgy publish uses webmention for automating, not micropub)
  • silo.pub
    • set up micropub endpoint
      • micropub is a web service
      • common interface to publish posts to create a standardized interface.
    • https://indiewebcamp.com/micropub-endpoint
    • can use that endpoint for any service
    • micropub is an API or protocol and silo.pub is a service
  • Where does links get added. in html or in header
    • usually in header
    • h-card in html
    • h-feed on body
  • Jekyll
    • front matter at top of page, could add list of siloes to post to.
    • is there a way to avoid duplicates to republish when doing a build since all the pages get regenerated?
    • how to differentiate content and metadata updates?
    • side file to maintain state to avoid sending outbound webmentions during metadata only regeneration
  • webmentions and posse sent to the micropub
    • has separate server runs micropub endpoint
    • microdata stored in html file
    • https://github.com/bear/kaku <-- example of a dynamic python app to handle webmentions and micropub
    • webmention.io, silo.pub and brid.gy