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This is the 2016 IndieWeb Summit schedule

The schedule is still in development and is open for suggestions based on the attendees. There will likely be some participant sessions determined the day of the event on an open session grid, as well as a few scheduled speakers.

All times are local times. We'll sync-up sessions across the different locations as we can!

Friday 2016-06-03

IndieWebCamp Pre-Parties :

IndieWebCamp 2016 PORTLAND Pre-Party (Hosted!)

  • Pine Street Market, 126 SW 2nd St Portland, Oregon
  • Anyone is welcome, drink tickets will be available to registered IndieWeb Summit attendees thanks to our sponsors

Saturday 2016-06-04

Keynotes and Discussions.

Main etherpad: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/2016

Day 1: Keynotes and Discussions (-).

Vadio Portland, Oregon

PDT Purple Rain Ziggy Stardust Left Shark Dance Thief
9:00 9:00 Badges, Coffee, Breakfast
10:05 State of the IndieWeb
10:30 Cutting Edge IndieWeb
11:00 Q&A and Break
11:30 Demos & Intros
12:00 Group photo & food cart lunch
13:30 Intros, Demos, Scheduling
14:10 IndieMark Accessible Indie Hosting Beyond Shared Hosts Static Site POSSE
14:45 WordPress IndieWeb Paradise? Getting Started with Camlistore Structured Data Static Site Private Posts
15:30 Living the IndieWeb Life Personal Photo Storage Offline First Microformats, Webmentions, Baseline Tech
16:15 IndieWeb Podcast Interviews (did not occur) Building for the Longweb
17:00 Closing Session, head to dinner!

IndieWebCamp Group Dinner

  • decentralized dinners, Portland, Oregon

Sunday 2016-06-05

Work Sessions. Hack day. Build stuff and demo it!

Esri R&D Center Portland, Oregon and The New York Times New York City, New York

Time Purple Rain Ziggy Stardust Left Shark Dance Thief
9:30 Doors open, breakfast
10:30 Day 2 Kickoff, Hack Day Intro, Scheduling
11:00 - 12:00 Start Creating!
12:00 - 1:00 Catered Lunch
13:00 - 14:00
16:00 Demos
17:00 community cleanup
17:30 camp closed!
17:45 after party - TBD!

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