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Private Posts for Static Websites was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2016.

Notes archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/staticprivatepost

Private Posts for Static Websites

Kinds of private posts:

  • shared drafts
  • this is only for me for all time
  • this is for me and some subset of people

Use case:

  • wanted to RSVP to indieweb summit but not make my attendance public
  • "public" versus "publicized" - difference between who is able to access it, vs who it *should* be pushed to (hidden, draft, authenticated access ony) ?

Authentication at the web server level

  • reads a list of domains that can view the post, the web server handles sending the HTTP headers for authentication

How to easily share with more than one person?

  • create a URL for a group, add that URL as the audience for a post
  • webmention for the URL to each person in the group would happen
  • tie into rsvp?

the audience for this post is twitter.com/willnorris

  • @willnorris can sign in with twitter to see the post
  • any URL equivalent to twitter.com/willnorris can also view the post (bidirectional rel=me links)

Nginx Lua plugin to handle authentication at the web server level

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