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The IndieWebCamp Brighton 2019 schedule and session grid is where notes and videos from all sessions can be found.

The session grid is developed on day 1, and is based on suggestions by the attendees.


Day 1: Share, Learn, and Discuss!

Session topics will be proposed and chosen on the day of the event and organized into a grid.

Sessions are facilitated by the participant who proposed the topic. Learn more at session facilitating.

Day 1: Keynotes and Discussions


Day 2: Creative Sessions. Hack day. Build & make stuff and demo it!


Interested in collaborating on a project on day two of IndieWebCamp Amsterdam? Put your information here:

Project Idea Interested Parties


Feel free to self-organize evening activities before or for dinner or afterwards here! Add yourself to an existing activity, or add a new activity!


Overview of days:

  • 2019-10-19 Day 1: Keynotes and Brainstorming
  • 2019-10-20 Day 2: IndieWeb Hack Day and Demos!

Total video: 8:57:55 (~9 hours!)

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