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Schedule for IndieWebCamp LA 2016.

Friday November 4, 2016

An optional prep night for people that want to button up their website a little bit to get ready for the IndieWebCamp proper.

  • 18:30 Organizer setup
  • 19:00 Doors open
  • 19:15 Introductions
  • 19:30 Build session
  • 22:00 Day 0 closed

Saturday November 5, 2016

The number of rooms may vary. Initial schedule set up with 4 rooms.

Intro and Demos Livestream: http://youtu.be/pTFhxu8sU_A

PDT Pivotal
Location Main Break Water Trestles Topanga
8:30 Camp opens. Badges, Coffee, Breakfast
9:15 Introductions and Demos
10:00 Session Scheduling
10:30 Getting Started: The Real Real Basics
12:00 Group Photo and Lunch
13:00 Open IndieWeb Hacking Quiet Writing Time Mobile Dev IndieWebPress
13:45 IndieEmail
14:30 Travel with Tantek (canceled due lack of attendance) Particular Posts
15:15 Reading Workflows
16:00 Extending Other Sites with User Scripts, Bookmarklets (canceled due to lack of attendance) Annotations & Marginalia
17:00 Day 1 Closing Session, break for dinner (decentralized)

photo of schedule gride photo by Jeremy Keith https://adactio.com/notes/11467

Sunday November 6, 2016

Note: Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00AM. Set your clocks back an hour!

Demos livestream: http://youtu.be/neFGFxu6EMg

PST Pivotal
9:30 Doors Open
10:10 Day 2 Kickoff, Hack Day Intro, Scheduling
10:30 Start Creating!
12:00 Catered Lunch
13:00 Continue Creating!
15:30 Demos
16:30 Community clean-up
17:00 Camp closed!

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