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Mobile Dev was a session at IndieWebCamp LA 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/mobiledev

IndieWebCamp LA, Santa Monica, CA 2016  
Session: #mobiledev  
Date and Time: 2016-11-05 13:00  



  • How does it change how you make a website if you can only edit on your mobile phone?

Terminal Emulator

Have a VPS that you develop on, use your device to go into it

Use-case: 12 year old code, with a phone or just an iPod, and nothing else, but wants to create a website


Options for creating things on mobile:

  • Github pages (free)
  • mediawiki (requires setup on a server)
  • jsbin
  • etherpad as text editor
  • hyperdev.com


Fear: kid doesn't even know that making a website is an option

Biggest roadblock: ???

Gateways of the past: MySpace textarea

You can edit Wikipedia on mobile

Ipads can edit etherpad also (typed from an iPad)

Need a service or guide

You can't write a piece of software on your phone, for your phone.

But maybe you can create a mobile website on your phone for your phone.

You should be able to run your webserver on your phone

Put all the logic in Javascript

Getting Started


Trying to do that on mobile - where do you get stuck?

Looks like joining indieweb chat works (from indieweb.org homepage)

Trying domain registration now

Should this be something that domain name registrars provide?

ssh clients for phones

Coda is a package that includes prompt