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Annotations & Marginalia was a session at IndieWebCamp LA 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/marginalia

IndieWebCamp LA 2016 Session: Annotations & Marginalia



Much of the marginalia in IndieWeb was inspired by Kartik's work: https://kartikprabhu.com/articles/marginalia Which was inspired by Medium.com

Kevin Marks has been working on fragmentions

Aaron Parecki has created ids for the URL when selected on http://micropub.net/draft/

  • Automatic IDs for all headings, paragraphs, list items with a little inline javascript

Search for <script> that has inline script

Group question: How could one do a fragmention a portion of an image?

KP: I had a suggestion for an audio marginalia by referring to the time see: https://kartikprabhu.com/notes/gurdy-lights-sky where I refer to an audio post by Barnaby Walters as http://waterpigs.co.uk/notes/4SYMoz#t=42 The "t=42" means the comment is about that "time" in the audio. I don't think Barnaby implemented as display for that though.

Tantek: "What we need are fragmentions for "view source"." WebNote? -> OneNote

Kartik's script for showing a link icon with fragmention link in response to selecting text:

KP notes on fragmentioner script

  • the script does not do anything fancy except create a fragmention URL from the selected text content.
  • It does not check if the result uniquely refers to the considered text, and so is not foolproof (suggesstions on doing this are appreceiated).
  • it seems to fail on other posts except the marginalia-post, so there is definitely bugs.

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