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This is the 2013 IndieWebCampUK schedule for 2013-09-07 and 2013-09-08

See also the root etherpad, add links to session etherpads in the schedule grid.

Saturday 2013-09-07

Time Digital Lounge (main room, projector) Studio (projector) Upstairs
registration, meet and greet
10:15 waitlister approvals - room for all waitlisted
10:30 Selfdogfood Demos of what works today / Introductions
12:15 2013/UK/CommandControl etherpad 2013/UK/Indiemark etherpad 2013/UK/Beyond Web Apps etherpad
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 2013/UK/Experience Design etherpad 2013/UK/Readers etherpad
15:00 2013/UK/WebMention etherpad 2013/UK/IndiePrivacy etherpad
16:00 "Terms and Conditions May Apply" film screening (Register separately)

Sunday 2013-09-08 (Work Sessions)

Time Digital Lounge (main room, projector) Studio (projector) Upstairs
10:30 intros day 2
Webactions Implementation etherpad Webmention Implementation etherpad
12:30 Lunch Break
Webmention Implementation (continued)
16:00 Demos
17:30 community cleanup
18:00 camp closed! - afterparty at The Eagle then dinner at Bill's

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