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Archived from https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-commandcontrol, please clean.

Big Idea: #CommandControl - dashboard for managing 10+ websites (Tumblrs, Bloggers) and major social media profiles.

Example usage:

  • Today: IndieWebCamp,
  • Monday: ranting about waking up to the office
  • Week: promoting event,
  • Saturday: realtime updates from the concert

Potential solution:

  • Bookmarklet / plugin / extenstion to edit avatar / timeline photo. (there might be no API for that)
  • Linking to image that changes / URL that changes.


How to change Facebook timeline photo? There is currently no API to change the cover photo; i'm not aware of plans to change this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8070016/profile-cover-editing-via-facebooks-api http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4370669/facebook-api-php-is-it-possible-to-change-a-users-profile-image-via-fb-graph

YEAH - some hacks would have to be included. Workflow - if we could find a way to automate the browser. Going in circles here, need some input from BlackHat community.

Naive authentication to edit .js containing the data: https://github.com/stefek99/naive-auth Dashboard to control many websites: https://github.com/stefek99/commandcontrol Default credentials - not the best practice I know

Presentation: http://bit.ly/CommandControl

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