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Particular Posts was a session at IndieWebCamp LA 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/particularposts

IndieWebCamp LA 2016
Session: Particular Posts
AKA Miss Jocelyn's Home For Particular Posts
Date and Time: 2016-11-05 14:40



Jocelyn's problem statement: how to keep separate areas for different topics of writing instead of putting everything on one list.

Jeremy shows adactio.com, and speaks to distinguishing Articles, Journal entries, and notes. He someshat regrets this separation.

And how he built tag pages for all post types, e.g. adactio.com/tags/javascript

Tantek: I think tags are too specific, and that this is more about broad swaths of topics

Rachel: instead of "journal", it would be like yoga

Chris: like Kevin Marks points about different "publics". Chris shows his categories which he has many of but are broader than his tags.

Jocelyn: I would have a yoga category, and with subcategories

David: Is that more of how you would present it? Like pick 10 things?

Jocelyn: Maybe I could wear different hats.

Jocelyn: yoga, separate from acting, from fiction writing. higher level thing like four categories

Example: future-expansion.com - has live checkbox based filtering - 2D based UI for those groupings

KP: example live tag filtering: http://jasonsantamaria.com/articles/

Another example: yamp.org

Werd.io has filtering in a UI at the top to pick which post types you can view.


aaronparecki.com uses https://indieweb.org/Teacup

KP: I use tags to filter e.g. in second paragraph of https://kartikprabhu.com/

KP: another example: http://danielmall.com/work/ filters by year, client, typeface

"It's like a grownup sticker chart"

The Noun Project has icons for many things



Who am I, why am I here.

To help your audience not feel overwhelmed when they come to your site

Direction (directing) as a design element

How do you give them options but give them a roughly linear story of what you're trying to present, the image of yourself you're trying to present

Related: use of different silos for different audiences, thus selective POSSEing per silo

Tantek: for me: fitness, web technology & creativity, book reading, photography, futurism. And some may overlap, e.g. fitness photos may go in both.

Jeffrey: or different web sites for each category

David: and we're 15 min over

Tantek: so now we're going from a publisher's perspective of grouping for different audiences to being in that audience and reading ...

segue to https://etherpad.indieweb.org/readingiw