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The IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2024 schedule is where you will find informal Friday evening social gatherings, Saturday BarCamp-like sessions, and Sunday’s Create Day. The session grid will contain links to notes and videos from all sessions that were recorded.

The session grid is developed on day 1, and is based on suggestions by the attendees.

All times are local times. If you are a remote attendee, make sure to convert to your timezone.


Informal Friday night social gathering — dinner at To1980 Vegan Vietnamese Food. Add yourself if you’re interested!

  • David Shanske - Interested in a communal meal or something less, even if it is just taking something out and chatting. Arriving mid-day
  • Tantek Çelik also interested, will depend on train arrival time
  • Joschi Kuphal — Interested, scheduled arrival in Düsseldorf at about 18:30 and I have to go to the hotel first, so probably available from ~19:30
  • Sonja Weckenmann — like Joschi Kuphal
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)


Day 1: Share, Learn, and Discuss!

Session topics will be proposed and chosen on the day of the event and organized into a grid.

Sessions are facilitated by the participant who proposed the topic. Learn more at session facilitating.