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Personal Site Intros was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2024.



  • Tantek: Introduction to the event



  • Launched in 2014 with intent of writing lots of blog posts, later decided to change website from a blog to a simpler website; older blog posts are still available; homepage switched
  • Doesn't want to break links
  • At Brighton, was working on a concept with a URL graph showing how different pages should connect
  • Project: not about growing website, but to reduce features (while not breaking links)



  • Launched website in spring last year
  • Documents hiking trips on personal website


https://jamesg.blog (he/him)

  • Likes to write about things that make him happy (which requires clicking on a picture of Taylor Swift)



  • Slowly grown over the years; used to be lots of blogging; most of the activity now is in notes and posting photos
  • This year, added a new section of songs he likes at /jams
  • Older jams were copied from those originally posted to This Is My Jam
  • Parses events he is attending from iCalendar to his personal website
  • Working on Indiekit, a CMS for publishing content to your personal website. Indiekit is available as a web application. If anyone has any questions about it, ask Paul!



  • Had a personal website for 20 years
  • Hosted on WordPress using IndieWeb plugins
  • One day, may move content from WordPress to a new system; at the moment, everything works well.



  • Came across IndieWebCamp through the People and Blogs series
  • Started with WordPress then Jekyll and other tools
  • Decided to focus on writing; uses markdown to write blog posts, then pandoc to convert content to HTML. This is done with the aid of a bash script, available on nikkin.dev.
  • Generates RSS feed using bash
  • Started writing a newsletter, hosted on a Raspberry Pi



  • PhD student in Human Computer Interaction
  • Volunteers at the btconf conference
  • Studies media bias detection in online news, using machine learning
  • Focuses on the psychology / design / ethical components of research
  • Wants to start a website!


  • First came acrosss microformats in Copenhagen, was really interested by the concept
  • Planning to build a website this weekend; has a domain and something running locally, wants to make progress this week!



  • Tracks travel on his personal website, with metadata like temperature
  • Has an query string that changes Fahrenheit to Celsius on his personal website
  • Travel pages have venue and region pages, which let you see all posts in a region or location (i.e. Germany, a specific hotel)
  • Has a list of all locations visited at https://david.shanske.com/location/
  • Most recent photos are at https://david.shanske.com/photos/
  • Joined the IndieWeb community ten years ago
  • Has a section on his website for This Week in Personal History; shows what David was doing a year ago on this day.
  • A year ago, attended Düsseldorf IndieWebCamp remotely



  • Uses WordPress since forever
  • Trying to avoid social media as best as possible and trying to implement every nearly every open standard that allows one to be decentralized on his personal website
  • There are quite a few open social plugins on WP
  • Started blogging about everything, but lately has been about being decentralized and IndieWeb


https://tantek.com (he/him)

  • Posts notes and replies to GitHub
  • Tries to post on personal website instead of on social media; all contents are in one stream on homepage
  • Some posts are long, some are shorter
  • Thumbs up to GitHub issues are posted on personal website
  • Uses Brid.gy Publish to send likes to GitHub
  • Uses fed.brid.gy to federate content from personal website to the Fediverse; does not require using a separate Mastodon account
  • https://fed.brid.gy/web/tantek.com/notifications
  • Brid.gy dashboard shows what was seen on Tantek's website and sent out to the Fediverse; last post was sent to 271 servers, 33 processing, 72 failed (unknown why)
  • Can also see notifications from Brid.gy, including replies
  • From @tantek.com@tantek.com
  • Doing best to live the goal of posting on website rather than on other social media



  • Working as a UX/UI designer for two years, doing international design masters degree
  • Interested in graphic design
  • Personal website is a portfolio that shows different projects worked on; shwos project briefs, role in project, and more.
  • Walking through an example project



  • Has projects on home page, links to social networks

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