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Indiekit (GitHub repo) is “a small but powerful server that acts as the go-between your website and the wider independent web”. This project is currently being developed by Paul Robert Lloyd.

The immediate goal of the project is to provide a Micropub endpoint that can be hosted on a service like Heroku and save posts to a git repo for publishing with a static site generator. The software is fully documented and tested.

A longer term ambition is to build a tool that supports more publishing destinations, other social publishing specifications (Webmention, Microsub, ActivityPub etc.) and integrates with a range of content management systems.


  • Publish content using apps and services that support the Micropub API
  • Syndicate content to Twitter and save posts to the Internet Archive
  • Save files to different content stores such as Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab and Gitea
  • Highly configurable, with publishing presets provided for Jekyll and Hugo static site generators
  • Localisable, with initial support for English, French and German

People Using It

  • Robert van Bregt is trying to get Indiekit to work with his Hugo based site since November 2019.
  • Ru Singh has been using the project for her website since August 2020.
  • Jon Roobottom has been using Indiekit to publish photos on his website since November 2021.

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