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Books was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2024.



  • Readwise plugin lets you comment on a particular part of a web page
    • A way to capture something someone likes on a personal website, you could blog on that.
    • Collaborative annotations on something.
    • OCR for book annotations
    • https://hypothes.is/
  • Idea: interactive book annotation tool that lets you highlight with your finger, then opens a text box to annotate.
  • Use indiebookclub.biz to list books one is reading -- a Micropub client.
  • Status tracking vs. reviewing vs just listing
  • How do you make personal bookshelves social? - link of GoodReads
  • Randomly place a fake book that is an Easter egg that takes you to a hidden room in your website.
  • Makes you "fall through" the trapdoor.
  • Really long bookshelf or multiple shelves.
  • Things you could do: Make /books page, or /library, or /antilibrary
  • Sharing metadata across personal websites; tags that are shared
  • Inline comments could be distracting
  • BookWyrm -- supports ActivityPub -- basically Federated GoodReads
  • Reilly shares books he has read on his personal website; hot link cover image from OpenLibrary
    • OpenLibrary: information should be open without restriction.
  • Tracy shares books, and Pablo
  • Two use cases: Posts about reading, or lists.
  • Personal library catalog.
  • Idea: interactive scanning application with polygon highlights so you can choose which book to select.
  • Aspirational personal library? Bookmarks of physical books you have seen.
  • What is the best link for a website?
    • Link to the author if they have a website where they advertise their books.
    • Related: asin.cc for short Amazon links.
  • "Are you telling me Shakespeare didn't have a personal website?"
  • Link to author personal website, Wikipedia page for a book, or provide an ISBN
  • Link to personal website: an independent linking to an independent
  • Or you could link to your local bookstore
    • What if the bookstore stops selling the book (i.e. you read a new title, they ran out of stock, and five years later they don't have one on order)?
    • The bookstore could order more?
  • List of books that people have recommended to you on your personal website?
  • Organization systems for books - LOC
  • Top rated picks
    • Bookstores have this
    • Helps people find a few books they may like
    • Reference books live somewhere, fiction is somewhere else
  • You could have multiple different sections
  • API for book covers? (OpenLibrary)
  • Use your website to track the location of books
  • Search bar on personal website
  • Value of books you have read is higher, so show those first?
  • Highlight books to see a comment? (i.e. you should read another book first)
  • Technical complexity as something to show
  • Roy Tang’s Discworld page: https://roytang.net/topics/discworld/
  • List of local booktores you recommend
  • You could create a book permalink on your website with reviews, etc.
    • Similar to indieweb venue pages
    • Have a look at BookWyrm for inspiration
    • Could have a list of every time you have mentioned the book on your blog, in a post
  • Great example of indieweb book library: https://crashthearcade.com/book-list/

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