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2024/Düsseldorf/Projects were the projects people planned and worked on during IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2024 Create Day on 2024-05-12.

Archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/createday



Please list what you're working on for Create day below


Paul Robert Lloyd

Paul Robert Lloyd:

Daniel Pietzsch

  • ✅ Getting upcoming events from a public iCal calendar to show up on https://danielpietzsch.com
  • ✅ Creating a iOS/iPadOS/watchOS shortcut to trigger my website build
  • ✅ Improving event display on website (and improving website layout in general)


Dominik Schwind:

  • Changed the ActivityPub avatar of my blog and wrote a small post about it
  • Added hashtag support to my "status" page
  • Started on a php client for pirateweather.net

David Shanske

David Shanske:

  • Update unit tests to complete dynamic rendering project for Micropub plugin. Reviewed by  Matthias Pfefferle on site.
  • Refresh Syndication Links icons and deploy new version
  • Add date based navigation to site via Tempus Fugit






JL Gatewood

  • ✅ add site caching module for static page creation to speed things up (ongoing and in testing now!)
  • Continue investigating fediverse/bluesky bridge issue and how it could work with my site's commenting system
  • add a proper photo-challenges section to my blog to present/archive challenges I participate in or initiate
  • think about adding a "trips" section to present some of the trips we take in our RV
  • make the "last week today" weekly post... that hasn't happened for the last month.

Matthias Pfefferle

 Matthias Pfefferle:

  • added a basic reply-context UI to the WordPress Gutenberg-/Block-editor
  • experimented with an inline marker for reactions
  • invented two new html elements (<like> and <reply>)

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