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IndieWeb Principles was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2024.



  • Paul is leading this session
    • Paul has questions around when the principles were last reviewed, how relevant they are, who is the audience, are the principles technical or community or both?
  • Place to start: describe where the principles came from
    • We should have a history section on /principles
    • Principles page created in 2012; Tom was tired of saying "this indieweb thing" and having to explain it.
    • Several community members have contributed to the principles.
    • /principles was written using sentiments form the community over time.
  • Several community members thought the principles were specifically developers in ~2014-16
    • In response, principles were rewritten / reframed so that they are more broadly appealing
  • Random idea: time slider for MediaWiki edits
  • Principle #2 should be updated: it's technical. What does "machines second"?
  • The IndieWeb is participatory -- we want that to be embodied in the principles
  • The IndieWeb is active: you don't have a website because you want to read things (well, you could, using a domain for a login and nothing else -- that's okay!), you do it because you want to create.
  • Use your personal website to exemplify things
  • Some principles are user-centric, others are developer-centric.
  • We did not finish editing the principles. We could work on this on Create Day.
    • Say which ones are user-centric and leave those alone.
    • Look at ones that are developer-centric and ask how we can update them to be more broadly appealing.
    • Idea: We could have subheadings that group theprinciples.
  • Principles page should be user-centric
    • We could have a separate page on development principles -- that's where we can talk about open source and open standards.
  • Should we challenge points in general to see if they still make sense?
    • Yes.
  • Some people may want their content to be deleted after a day, etc -- a photo of what you were doing on a day may not be something you want to archive. It's a question of distribution, though: the stories expire, but you still have the data.
  • Point of principles is for the long-term; people who haven't cared about something have come around.
  • How do you get people to start in the IndieWeb without having to have felt something being closed?
  • Note: the principles don't talk about using your real name.
  • Many young people haven't felt a platform shutting down so they don't have the same context.
  • If you look at other organizations, the principles reflect the best wisdom of those communities.
    • Not everyone will understand all the principles immediately.
    • If you try to please everyone, you please no-one.
  • Have a one-line sentence that is a summation of the overall mission/vission?
  • ...

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