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Opening and closing demos for IndieWebCamp LA 2016.

Opening Demos

Opening demos took place 2016-11-05 (logs).

Chris Aldrich

  • as I mentioned earlier, having an identity, and having an h-card
  • (shows boffosocko.com)
  • it's a bit of variety slanguage
  • In Hollywood when someone says your movie did boffo, it means your movie did really well at the box office
  • In a muppets movie
  • and there's a scene where Kermit says it's going to be boffo, it's going to be socko, and so I went and got the domain name
  • I've got a PGP key, email address, even a few things hiding that don't show but if you have a tool that pulls it up you can see it
  • my favorite thing is, recently I went to an event
  • and a councilman of the city of LA gave me an honor
  • I do a lot of work for literacy in the city
  • and I posted up a photo of this to Instagram, and my site went out and posted it to my site
  • and my site automatically sent this post to FB, Twitter, G+, maybe LinkedIn
  • down here there's a syndicated to section
  • then it got the biggest response to anything that I got ever
  • I logged in the next morning
  • Bridgy sent webmentions for all these things back to my website
  • and not just seeing the messages, but every like had its own line-item
  • hundreds of people liked it on FB, dozens of people wrote short notes
  • and it had a visceral impact, more than just seeing the number 557 people liked this
  • to me this was way more personal, to see each individual one with a name and face
  • to me, part of that process would have been killed on Facebook, because it would have just showed a number, and I never would have seen the names and faces of the people that I know and love say hey I liked this
  • this is really a part of what I like about the IndieWeb
  • this site runs on WordPress
  • with the IndieWeb Plugin and 4-5 others
  • (showed http://boffosocko.com/2016/11/03/so-yeah-this-happened-today/ )

David Shanske

  • shows david.shanske.com
  • this is my website, it's barebones, the name of this theme is bearbones (with an ea)
  • there's very little in terms of style
  • so you'd focus on everything else
  • also a WordPress site
  • this is the last thing I posted
  • I went to Woodstock
  • there's a picture
  • One of the things that I've done for a long time in the community is work on IndieWeb plugins for WordPress
  • I do most of my testing on an alternate version of the site
  • I've added how to make different types or kinds of posts
  • If I went to my live site, you won't see as many choices because I don't use them all, but they're there
  • the other thing I added is a box so I can react to another article
  • any article I happen to be reading it will automatically pull in some data
  • when it was updated, summary, publication (if any), and the name
  • so I spend a lot of time building tools like that
  • when it's all done it shows up on my site
  • all the photos, etc. location
  • this is one of those link-previews that I have looks like
  • I guess that's it and we'll see if I what I build this weekend

Tantek Çelik

  • He's Tantek and this is his website, tantek.com
  • Chris has never heard his last name pronounced.
  • At the end of 2009, he became very frustrated with Twitter
  • He hated the fail whale.
  • He started with notes, then added photos, etc.
  • Anything he posted on his other sites, he now posts on his own.
  • He can do what he wants, he can keep it minimal
  • He won't worry if an update of someone else's will break his stuff as he controls it all.
  • Putting stuff on your own site may be more powerful than social media. You can push it whereever you want.
  • He was frustrated because he created a new Twitter account and followed three people and got locked
  • tantek: Mostly just posts to Twitter using Bridgy
  • It all started really simple
  • It started out as a response to frustration, but now he is FREE!!!
  • Free at last
  • Chris mentioned scientific papers, etc.
  • Chris bringds up Marginalia
  • Marginalia allows you to comment on specific paragraphs
  • tantek would like to allow people to link to specific paragraphs on his site as well
  • This weekend, he encourages people to start small and build
  • Everything here started small
  • aaronpk's website wasn't built in a day


  • my domain name is being held hostage by google
  • mostly I want to listen and learn


  • Jocelyn.inturnaround.com
  • Jocelyn is looking for a way to watch and get notified of when people post
  • Chris: (shows woodwind.xyz)
  • Internal Server error!
  • Demo failed
  • KevinMarks_: Woodwind.xyz was doing that to me yesterday too
  • The other is aaronpk
  • tantek demonstrates woodwind
  • We discover he only subscribes to aaronpk and himself
  • then I added boffosocko.com and adactio.com to show more stuff showing up in woodwind

Jeremy Keith

  • my name is Jeremy and my website is adactio.com
  • I've been blogging for ~15 years
  • when I write a blog post I syndicate out to Medium
  • a lot of people are blogging on Medium, but what I like to do is give Medium a copy
  • this is what we do on the indieweb - POSSE
  • I've got a links section also
  • I was syndicating it out to Delicious, are they still around?
  • I used to use link services, delicious, magnolia but they all end up getting shut down
  • GWG Pinboard is still doing well.
  • common theme, you put all this energy into another website, and then it gets shutdown
  • you spend all this time writing for other sites, only for the data to disappear
  • so that's kind of the thing we do, write on your own website, and just send copies to other sites
  • I have notes too
  • with photos
  • typically I POSSE out to places
  • e.g. here is a photo on my site, and on Twitter
  • and all the likes on my site from Twitter
  • thanks to Bridgy
  • GWG Everybody Loves Bridgy
  • not only do I syndicate out to these places
  • but when people comment, like etc. I get that back on my site
  • I like it when I post an article, and people post comments on their own sites
  • I have control over my data, and they have control over their data
  • I've been adding incrementally at indiewebcamps, photos, etc.
  • that's generally what happens at indiewebcamp, one day we discuss thigns, get ideas, and day 2 we hack things
  • like these sparklines, I think I built at IWC Nürnberg
  • got some ideas, and what I'm working and hacking


  • this is my website: http://wiki-njnm.rhcloud.com/view/welcome-visitors/
  • the unfortunately named . wiki-...
  • it's a fedwiki, supposed to be like github for notes
  • it's an old version, you can copy paste script tags and such
  • it's gotten to a point where it takes like 3 seconds to load
  • as far as I know it's the longest fedwiki page ever
  • today I want to figure out what to do about this
  • I can paste javascript straight into the page
  • It's kind of nice, you can drag & drop stuff
  • gRegorLove: That's Smallest Federated Wiki?
  • this is my personal replacement to Delicious getting shutdown
  • (discussion about is delicious being resurrected or not)

Michael Kirk

  • this is a wordpress site, mostly a premium theme: mikirk.com
  • my name is Michael Kirk so it's a condensed form
  • I'm a graphic artist and designer
  • I used to use uber.com which was a place to do personal art sites and one month it was gone. that's what brings me here


  • Hi I'm Jeffrey, an indiewebcamp newbie. I'm an artist and a web developer too.
  • all my pages are built with a static site generator, called nana (sp?) in Ruby I think
  • I have many domain names
  • like this is my personal backup/archive of everything
  • like this is my database of drawings
  • it's a ruby on rails app
  • it makes thumbnails, I can tag them, how large they are, they are location based. this database has about 4000 records in it
  • plenty of ways to navigate it, autopilot features
  • nothing being posted to other sites, I don't trust them.
  • the other thing I make is a lot of drawing tools
  • like this is a drawing tool, it draws automatically and you can click No or Paint
  • I have too many domains and want to figure out a way to do that better
  • I'm trying to figure out a way to bring my own community into an actual place where people own their information but can still talk to each other
  • "I am my own silo"

Closing Demos

Closing demos took place 2016-11-06 (logs).

Michael Kirk

Jeremy Keith

  • I'm Jeremy Keith, my site is adactio.com
  • At the last IWC, I had tags for different sections and created a view
  • This camp I created different archives by months, days, and for links
  • See: http://adactio.com/archive/
  • I added in sparklines for month views
  • the sparklines for day views were pretty sparse and looked rubbish
  • I left everything as reverse chronological, though I may decide to switch that

Jocelyn Simpson

  • Hi I'm Jocelyn Simpson and my site is http://jocelyn.inturnaround.com
  • I figured out how to put some categories into my menu via tags/categories
  • I don't have actual content in them yet, but there there
  • I also set up to capture emails for my (pending) email newsletter.
  • I used mailchimp because it was free and included a simple plugin.

Jesus Noland

  • My website is http://www.JesusNoland.com
  • This is my first IndieWeb experience.
  • I got h-card working
  • I also learned about web sign in and managed to log into the wiki and make edits
  • I used a <link> tag on my website so it's hidden

Sevil Turner

  • My name is Sevil Turner and my website is at http://www.sevilturner.com
  • I managed to log into the wiki and RSVP to camp this weekend.
  • I also created an h-card for my site
  • I'm also planning on moving my site to Jekyll soon

Rachel Upshaw

  • I'm Rachel Upshaw and I'm waiting for my new domain name to propagate so it's live on the internet
  • I did start hacking on my site which I'll move to it's final location, but I got most of a representative h-card

Chris Aldrich

  • using android
  • opened @t
  • wants to own his likes
  • shows his Android viewing twitter.com/t (in Twitter app)
  • clicks to "share" icon for that tweet
  • it goes to a "URL Forwarder" Android App
  • it goes to creating a like on his Known
  • his Known automatically POSSEs to Twitter
  • so now his like shows up on Twitter as well
  • the amounts of likes and such I do since this has tripled

Tantek Çelik

  • I'm Tantek and my site is Tantek.com
  • I got one thing done which has been bothering me for a while
  • I had been using google search on my website
  • I wanted to see search results in date order, but google seems to have broken this feature.
  • for a search box to show 0 results was just awful
  • I've been using Duck duck Go as my default in my browser
  • I switched to it for my site search now
  • Google used to be fast for search and it seems like they backslid
  • duckduck go shows emoji in search results
  • and google doesn't
  • duck duck go also shows author icons in search while google doesn't
  • overall it's a better user experience
  • google wants to add a lot of javascript just to do a google search
  • (gRegorLove: Also in general search, if you click on that icon it changes it to a site-specific search)
  • Google search doesn't do timebased search for the past few months
  • google doesn't support iso dates either
  • Duckduckgo also has an html version of their search and the search result goes directly to the page
  • Something has gone wrong with web development engineering compared to 15 years ago and there's no real excuse for it.
  • We all benefit for faster websites.

Asher Silberman

Aaron Parecki

  • Hi I'm aaronpk (remote via hangouts) and my site is https://aaronparecki.com/
  • worked on pubsub.rocks
  • I'm going to use the publisher test
  • http://pubsub.rocks/publisher
  • It delivered the latest version of my homepage though I haven't done anything pretty with it.
  • Showing Test your subscriber functionality
  • Woodwind.xyz wasn't quite as real-time as I wanted.
  • I'm going to use this website to test itself.
  • It's nearly instantaneous
  • That's the beginning of testing publishers and subscribers.
  • aaronpk gets a major round of applause
  • aaronpk: it's pretty crazy! I hope that made sense! it's a little hard to wrap your head around