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Microformats, Webmentions, Baseline Tech (#indiestart) was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2016.

Archived from notes: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/indiestart


Scott: Using a CMS called Perch which is PHP+MySQL

Bear: take IndieMark steps as a roadmap

Salt: also take IndieWebify.me as a series of steps

bear: You should own your data first, then do a webmention, and look at receiving webmentions e.g. h-feed so people can consume my site, or Salmentions

Scott: I've setup a note, I'd like to do a recipe template

bear: you should to posts first, not structure first. do the posts first, once you've got a couple in your site, then go back and add structure. don't let the structure drive what you're doing, let the posts drive the structure.

bear: doesn't matter how structured your site is, if you don't have confidence or have fun publishing, then it's just going to be like every other structured data site out there

Scott: focus on authorship and my voice, publish then worry about template structure.

How to deal with flag day inertia.

How to avoid toxic behavior arguing about RSS/Atom when Facebook and twitter innovated past it.

How does it compare with Open Graph and Microformats.

Bear: people are more important that the tech. so any tech adopted has a use case for it.

Being a author, developer and designer is an opportunity. That's what fun about ownership.

Use as much of other's people code as you like.

Start with h-card, then use services, then grow it out.

Build a user page.

Start here: https://indiewebcamp.com/wikifying#Wikify_yourself

List top interests of things we want to put or work on my personal site on the user page. Writing it down helps guide what to work on. One of the beauties of working with a community which can help.

Indieweb is about an identity that is owned by you.

Bear: The secret sauce to the indieweb is the process to keep content consumable.

Lloyd: wants an indie business site instead of just using a Facebook page for his business

Tantek: Narrow down your use case. What is the next one problem you want to solve. Are you using those ideas to help yourself first, then share it.

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