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Personal Website Demos at IndieWeb Summit 2016.

Group demo

A group demo with Ben Werdmüller (https://werd.io/), Aaron Parecki, (https://aaronparecki.com/), and Kyle Mahan, (https://kylewm.com, unfortunately now a zombie site)

Ben Werdmüller:

Aaron Parecki

Ben Werdmüller:

  • I'm going to reply on my site and link to aaron's, but not share it to twitter this time http://werd.io/2016/aw-i-miss-riding-bikes
  • I'm not logging bike rides, but I am going to check in here: http://werd.io/2016/checked-into-vadio-1 and could share to foursquare
  • the idea here is to make owning my own social content seamless, so I don't have to think about it
  • I have to think about it when I'm writing @withknown, but if you install code you shouldn't have to
  • now we shouldn't need to check each others' websites all the time to see if they have posted, but Kyle Mahan has an answer

Kyle Mahan:

  • I want to show https://woodwind.xyz/ which is a reader that I wrote for other people's websites
  • It shows them as a timeline, and has blogposts, short notes, replies and so on
  • here's a video that emma posted a few days ago, and I can repost that on my site https://kylewm.com/2016/06/repost-of-emma-kuo-alankara-jazzy-d-higher-love-fender
  • I can also like things, and reply
  • and my repost shows up on Emma's site too (Archived)
  • You can subscribe to indieweb sites that use microfromats for markup, or sites that use older feeds in Atom and RSS

Ben Werdmüller:

  • part of using the indieweb seamlessly is being able to post from anywhere so I'm posting from my phone (twitter.com/_/status/739151187518361601)
  • I'm going to post an audio file I recorded earlier via my phone http://werd.io/2016/im-a-bear
  • once it is posted it can be seen anywhere from mobile or desktop browser
  • one of the things I want to do is video, though doing that with a web browser is hard.
  • because I have an iphone I can't let you record audio from a web browser, but working on making that better

Aaron Parecki:

  • I want to show you more about how my reply worked. I don't have a posting ui on my website
  • I use woodwid,xyz, but mainly use https://quill.p3k.io/ which is a micropub client I wrote I log in with indieauth
  • That worked almost too well - I was already logged in so it just worked. let me log out and show the process
  • so when I am asked to login I get an indieauth prompt asking for posting permissions via micropub


  • q: if you have static files built from a static site generator, can you still use micropub?
  • Tantek Çelik: I'd like to introduce David Shanske and Will Norris who have made wordpress work
    • Aaron Parecki: there are also tools so you can add webmention support even to a static site
    • Tantek Çelik: all of these sites added indieweb features one at a time, and each one gets you something
    • Tantek Çelik: every thing you do give you one feature - it's not a giant computer sciency stack that requires you change it all
    • Shane Becker: you are using http and html on your site already, and all these tools and components built on this
  • Aaron Parecki: what happens if you post a comment and it ends up in these sites, how do you update or delete?

Ben Werdmüller:

  • My demo of voice bot is using chrome for voice inout and rules on the backend to respond. no machine learning

Aaron Parecki:

  • I do want to have posts that only certain people can see - Ben Werdmüller and Shane Becker have this
  • comments that are partially private are harder to share
  • if you're trying to implement POSSE, how do you do that? Quill just tells your micropub endpoint what to do
  • one way to POSSE is to use brid.gy Publish by adding links which bridgy fills in
  • the other is silo.pub which give a common micropub api to multiple silos in a standard form

Eric Drechsel

  • My site is http://eric.pdxhub.org and it is built from github
  • I use hypothes.is to annotate other websites, which goes into a silo
  • this weekend I am working on camlistore which is good at sucking data in from lots of places
  • I want to integrate these indieweb protocols with camlistore this weekend

Erik Moeller


  • notenoughneon.com (Archived)
  • my site is notenoughneon.com and @notenoughneon everywhere
  • I use Quill for posting - I don't have my own publishing interface and bridgy publish to posse to twitter,facebook
  • so here's my post, (Archived) can you reply to that on your own site or twitter
  • this posting through my backend to s3 and github
  • this uses a technique called PURL which uses the HTML of the posts as a content store (Archived)
  • my site is powered by Skein. It's open source: https://github.com/notenoughneon/skein


  • Wm Salt Hale
  • My website is http://www.altsalt.net indieweb is very new to me, but I've worked on my web site for decades
  • I started implementing h-entry stuff, but i want to show how I point my links to my profiles
  • all his social media profile links, go through a personal redirect on his site
  • which turns out to be an issue with indieauth
  • so he added an invisible <link> to get it working so he could sign-in and RSVP
  • I route profile links through a short link on my own site, but indieauth doesn't follow links like that

Shane Becker

Will Norris

  • Will Norris
  • My site is https://willnorris.com/ - there's a soccer player in England called Will Norris and he can't get any url
  • I use jekyll as my personal site - I ddin't to anything fancy - I author all my posts in vim and push markdown
  • I have a little command line tool for inserting timestamps and one to insert the epoch as a newbase60
  • I do git push live to create the post - here it is https://willnorris.com/2016/06/indieweb-demo
  • and I have a command line tool to send the webmentions from the link in my post
  • I'm using bridgy to do my outbound posse and it is very manual
  • I've built a lot of go libraries - the go webmention library includes this command line tool
  • so you don't need a lot of infrastructure to get up and running

David Shanske

  • David Shanske
  • my site is https://david.shanske.com - I do a lot of work on the wordpress indieweb plugins
  • this theme is called bearbones named after bear in the chatroom who complains about the sparsity of his design
  • I have my test site where I can do example posts. I can reply to aaron by pasting in his post url
  • I am going to deploy rel-me links and syndication links as SVG as Kevin Marks keeps annoying me about it


  • http://cassie.wtf
  • I am Cassie at https://cassie.wtf and @myriadmystic on twitter
  • my site is wordpress and I need to deploy more indieweb plugins - I post song of the day
  • I also have Known running in 2 directories - one is private and one is the content we post on social media

William Madison

  • http://blindinsight.com/ (Archived)
  • my site is http://blindinsight.com/ - I lost my vision 3 years ago, and I need tools to help me with it
  • I need a platform to manage flow, relationships with people - a personal CRM that work when non-sighted
  • "I have almost 500 contacts in my Gmail, not accessible to me."
  • "I have files and files and files in Google Drive, where I started creating thoughts in 2010. And I can't access it. It works kinda janky. I don't think that's acceptable."
  • I have hundreds of people in my contacts in gmail, and documents in gdrive that are hard to get to
  • there si a twitter app for the blind called chicken nugget https://q-continuum.net/chicken_nugget/
  • with amazon, the screen reader reads everything twice as the image and the link both are marked up
  • when blind people use a screen reader and go to your website the headers get read out twice

Jim Pick

Amy Guy

Jj Del Carpio

Scott Gruber

  • my site is https://scottgruber.me and I started trying indieweb a week ago -I'm a web producer not a coder
  • wanted to show his latest tweet
  • started just a week ago
  • the barrier to entry is not bad even as a non-programmer
  • I was able to gte my RSVP webmention working on the 2016 site https://scottgruber.me/notes/indiewebcamp
  • 1st time I didn't have my h-card, but the slack channel helped me fix it so I show up at http://2016.indieweb.org/#Indie%20RSVPs
  • I wanted to demo to show that the barriers to entry are low, and you can get involved easily

Scott Hanselman

8 and 10 year old Z&T demoed http://myhamsterblog.com

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