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Personal Photo Storage was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indiepps


  • ... add yourself if you were here!


trovebox - now dead, but code still available at https://github.com/photo/frontend


http://jj.isgeek.net/2016/06/photolog-screenshots/ <- link and screenshots of my local instalation https://github.com/jjdelc/Photolog


  • a couple years ago, wrote a flickr backup app that keeps a 100% fidelity version of his flickr account


  • now has a homebuilt app that POSSEs photos to flickr and google
  • didn't want to handle writing logic for privately sharing subsets of photos to people

micropub media endpoint

  • quill now uses a media endpoint to post a photo when you drag a photo to the editor
  • quill expects a URL to be returned when it posts a photo, but doesn't care where that URL is

For transparently generating thumbnails on serve, see Will's imageproxy: https://github.com/willnorris/imageproxy

aaronpk: I want to consolidate all my media creation into one place: DSLR photos, iPhone photos, screenshots - but, should not be publicly accessible.

  • not on my main domain, probably not even on the public internet at all (on a server at home)
  • push out a copy to wherever when I want to share it (my website, etc)

Can Mediagoblin do this?

Allowing friends to edit/tag my photos

  • flickr has had controls to allow your friends to add tags to photos
  • facebook encourages friends to tag people in photos
  • how can we encourage this on indieweb sites?

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