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IndieMark was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2016 about IndieMark.

Notes archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/indiemark

IndieWeb Summit 2016 - All contributions are CC0 and will be archived on the wiki

IndieMark session

Background: IndieMark


Overview (did IndieMark Levels summary)

Where are people?

  • Tantek.com: level 3, working on level 4
  • youmom.io: 4 and 3 in pieces (but IndieAuth is broken)
  • willnorris.com: pieces up to level 3. working on fleshing out those levels, not necessarily looking to move to level 4 in the immediate future
  • Dark Matter: 2
  • isgeek.net: 1
  • david.shanske.com 4
  • ...
  • ... lots of level 1

New Features to incorporate into somewhere in there


  • next/prev navigation - can we make it more general
    • instead of dictating a particular navigation style (next/prev), could Level 2 simply require some ability to navigate your posts?
  • L1 "index navigation" (top-down)
  • L2 "inter-post navigation"
  • L3 "time-based archives"

More levels?


  • visual presentation as a series of segmented rings like http://rng.io/
  • ...

http://Indiewebify.me is a good test site for various IndieMark levels

Additional thoughts:

  • Salmentions - sending/receiving should go into which axis?