2016/Hack Day Intro

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IndieWeb Summit 2016 hack, create, design, and build day took place June 5, 2016.

IndieWeb Summit 2016 / Schedule

Day 2 of IndieWebCamp is our hack, create, design, and build day.

General Advice

  1. Still not sure what to hack on? Checkout IndieMark for some next steps for your site.
  2. Find one really simple thing to add to your site before lunch, one more challenging thing after lunch.
  3. Ask for help if you're stuck at all - you are short on time, but surrounded by high-bandwidth expertise. Ask on IRC, ask your neighbors, ask an organizer.
  4. Help someone get unstuck. Listen and if you hear a question about something you know something about, take a few minutes to help someone or direct them to a resource on the wiki.

Hack means create

IndieWebCamp focuses on design and UX before protocols, formats, code.

Thus when we say hack, we mean create.

Anything you create for your own site counts for hack day.


  • visual design - sketches of what you want your visual design to look like, all the way to a fully beautiful statis or HTML+CSS prototype of a visual design
  • user interface - sketches of wireframes etc.
  • ux flow - documentation of how elements in a UI flow from page to page
  • translation of UX to protocol flow - ux flow translated into protocols and formats steps - take an existing UX flow, and document the steps in terms of what protocols and formats are being used to implement the steps of a UX flow.
  • code - yes, code still counts for hacking too - it's just not the only thing that counts. take an existing documentation of how to implement something in terms of protocols and formats, and implement it on your own site.

Hack Sessions

Hack Session Proposals

  1. write down on a sticky note:
    • what you're going to work on
    • your name
    • hashtag
  2. Announce what you're doing
    • pick an area / room / space
    • before/after lunch
    • and put your sticky up on the grid

Join forces with others working on similar things.

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