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Syndication (#syndication) was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016

Archived from Etherpad: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/syndication


Syndication - pitfalls?


  • Matthias Ott
  • Andreas Nebiker
  • Stefan Grund
  • tantek.com
  • ...


Concern #1: Double content / what is the canonical url

  • Silos expect them to be the canonical source
  • Problems with multiple canonical URLs?
  • Tantek publishes first to his website, than to Twitter
  • Why does it work for tantek with twitter? :)
  • make smaller pages (with same or more content) than silos
  • make faster pages (less JS) than silos
  • see URL_design
  • URLs with slugs are better for search engines
  • internationalise your urls [slugs] for german / english keywords...
  • there's tools to get optimized urls e.g. in js by ___?

Medium does honour the canonical url of your website

Medium is a good way to get more views

Facebook also works well, if you pay them ;)

  • Let's note how well behaved services are in their respective POSSE section

Concern #2: How to consume. In particular: how to interact (conversations, replies, ...)

  • Check out woodwind.xyz

Concern #3: Reactions in silos may come from people expecting their reactions to stay in that silo. What if you pull these reactions out and publish them on your site?

  • Tantek explains on his facebook page that all content is originally published on his site and reactions may end up on his site, publically. (disclosure)
  • A good way to syndicate in silos may be to end your articles with
    • a statement that 'this was originally published on my website ...'
    • comments / reactions from all across the web can be found there. (instead of a less appealing warning stating: your comment / reaction may end up on my website...)

Does Bridgy backfeed send deletes when someone deletes their comment on a POSSE copy (e.g. on FB?)

Concern #4: Edit / delete my syndicated (POSSEd) post

  • Tantek will work on a delete-syndication first because in emergencies that would enable you to delete and republish/re-syndicate as a minimal implementation of update.

In some cases, you may simply go and publish a second piece saying "this is an update to my previous post from ...."

Concern #5: How to edit / delete comments that show up on my site

  • Also: Proof that that comment ever existed in a silo
  • Because you persist webmentions, even when someone deletes his/her reaction in the silo, that reaction stays on your site.

Facebook doesn't have urls for comments so there is no way to link back to the facebook comment from your site

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