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An original post link is a hyperlink from a POSSE copy to its original indieweb post.


You should post original post links on a POSSE copy of your original post in order to make it:

  • more clear that the POSSE copy is a copy
  • easier for humans to click through to the original post
  • enable original-post-discovery for readers and other uses like preferring to link to and display original comments instead of their POSSE copies.

How to

When you post a POSSE copy, you should link to it at or near the end of the content of your POSSE copy with text like:

(Originally posted at : URL)
This was originally posted on my own site.

For shorter POSSE destinations like Twitter and Foursquare, consider using a simple trailing permashortlink.

Ideally you original post links should use rel=canonical as well.

IndieWeb Examples


Tantek Çelik has been posting original post links (as plain permashortlinks, and then later sometimes as permashortcitations) on his POSSE tweet copies since 2010-01-26.

... more examples ...

There are many more indieweb examples on specific silo POSSE pages that should be incorporated here, e.g.:

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith has been posting original post links to Medium copies of his posts since 2015-???.

Service Examples

Bridgy Publish

Bridgy Publish has the option (default) of posting an original post link along with your POSSE copy.

E.g. POSSE Facebook copy: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10101972337421793

has original post link text at end of post:
(Originally published at: http://tantek.com/2015/318/t1/thoughts-friends-colleagues-paris)
where the URL is in the text content and auto-linked by Facebook

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