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POSSE patterns and anti-patterns was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2014.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-possepatterns

When: 2014-03-07 16:50 (spontaneous)



Scott gave Barnaby a hard time about his tweets about a year ago because they were nearly unreadable when truncated. But recently they've improved.

How do we document best/worst practices for POSSE so that we can all POSSE better?

Bad examples seen in the wild on Twitter

  • A sentence like "What really bothers me is ..."
  • In general you put something on Twitter that is meaningless by itself
  • Permashortlinks in tweets
  • Permashortcitations make no sense to Scott
    • looks like a broken link
    • less bad than links to same content with no benefits
    • perhaps a transition - until your own posts have more content than POSSE version, e.g. indieweb comments and Bridgy based favorites/retweets/comments from several silos.

Good practices:

  • POSSE tweet preview UI
    • see what you're going to tweet, how your friends will see it on the silo
    • provides opportunity to craft your note so that it POSSEs ok to Twitter
  • POSSE tweet with a photo gets more engagement