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Greg is an educator who believes that we need to teach technology as a literacy issue. He prepares teachers to read, write, and participate on the web.

J. Gregory McVerry (Greg) is an educator trying to use the web to help engineer better teachers.

Web Rings

Current Projects

  • IndieWeb WordPress UX Study
  • Improving WordPress Documentation
  • Building remixable POSH microfmats course template
  • Build remixable POSH microformats syllabus template
  • Revise the RSS feed from 2016-IndieWeb
  • Create Tutorials for using Known and WordPress on Reclaim Hosting

To Do


  • Figure out away for an easy to-do list on WordPress with no plugins
  • Try out Ruby on Rails IndieWeb
  • Try out Drupal IndieWeb

Pie in the Sky Dream

Headless IndieWeb LMS

A video walkthrough of my sketches of what I ultimatley want with all the pieces I have no idea how to build. [1]

This is the story and canonical domain to follow updates on my microformats2 course templates [2]

Thinking if a UI could then be built to populate the templates: [3]

What if their was an h root for courses? [4]