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Greg is an educator who believes that we need to teach technology as a literacy issue. He prepares teachers to read, write, and participate on the web.

J. Gregory McVerry (Greg) is an educator trying to use the web to help engineer better teachers.

Web Rings

Current Projects

  • Book on Open Pedagogy
  • Create Tutorial videos for 2016-IndieWeb
  • Plan IWC New Haven

To Do

  • map APA citations to mf2
  • map Hypothesis annotations to microformats
  • Add how to organize IWC file to repo
  • Finish Open Pedagogy Book
  • Import Bookmarks from other Known site
  • Display webmentions on my main blog


CURRENTLY SEMI-DARK on networks and social media until 1/22 as I finish up a book and prepare classes for next semester.

  • Webmention Badges
    • Issue webmention badges from wikis
    • Experiment with h-review and different microformat
  • WordPress Help
    • Working on documentation improvement
    • Helping out folks trying IndieWeb


  • Main Website
    • Migrating (probably archiving) WordPress Blog
    • Building static pages for website
      • Homepage (add streams for three classes)
      • Following Page
      • Consulting Page
      • Adding social stream link
      • Add vita
      • Add p/t binder from Medium
      • Add POSSE to GitHub
      • Create follow page
      • Create Mention Page
      • Make a print version of the resume
      • add in the webring
      • add in my annotations
      • Add follow post kind. Decided to just do follow posts manually.
    • h-resume template for students one plain, one all done up,
    • archive old blog
    • Finish migration of social stream to Known
  • Known Blog
    • Set up challenge page
    • Make a Read plugin
    • Make a Listen plugin
    • Match colors to main blog
    • add links to common hashtags
    • Migrate publications from Medium
    • Add Mastodon plugin
    • Add the Mastodon embed status plugin
    • Added ability to POSSE GitHub issues from Known
    • Archiving all posts to WaybackMachine
    • Adding video and video codec supports

Didn't Happen

  • Webmention vs Zombies (site built no players...relaunch next Halloween)
    • Designing narrative game for play (story written, character templates made)

Future Goals

  • Work with team to update Independent Publisher
  • Try out Ruby on Rails IndieWeb
  • Try out Drupal IndieWeb

Events Attended/Accomplished

(search blog to back fill vHWCs)

  • IndieWeb Summit
    • Create #IndieWeb course template
    • Create syllabus
    • Help others launch websites
  • IndieWeb NYC 2018
    • Organizer
    • Help others launch website

Developing IndieWeb Learning Tools

  • Made progress on building a set of tools for academics to remix classes. It includes
    • Course website with module template, learner persona work, podcast building tools, update feed, class directory, and a page to build a class planet.
    • Launched a POSSE based academic journal with first issue due 2019-01-05
    • Created a course syllabus using CSS Grid (need to fix microformats)
    • Taught | #edu522 class using article, note, reply, watch, read, bookmark, and listen post types with students connected through webmentions

Still to Accomplish (as in requires other people)

  • Micropub badge maker
  • Chat solution
    • I am currently using, and embedding it as iframe
    • I used Slack, nobody chats. Need to scaffold in this behaivor rather than expect.
    • Want a chat or fast syndication of notes and replies solution.
  • Student blogging platform, Used at free level. Need to go ad-free to protect privacy. Might make them pay $4. Hard to ask hungry people to pay for domains.
    • WordPress (self hosted) IndieWeb worked for my advanced technologies class but not possible for first-year students
    • Investigate microblog
    • Investigate blogging directly from Glitch.
    • Examine changes in HTML properties from parsed websites to test growth curve models
    • Examine growth curves to determine effective bot triggers
    • Write bot scripts
  • Microformats Citation generator

Previous Brainstorming

Headless IndieWeb LMS

A video walkthrough of my sketches of what I ultimately want with all the pieces I have no idea how to build. [1]

This is the story and canonical domain to follow updates on my microformats2 course templates [2]

Thinking if a UI could then be built to populate the templates: [3]

What if their was an h root for courses? [4]