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OwnYourGram.com is a service which streams your Instagram photos to your own site in real-time. After signing in with IndieAuth, it sends your Instagram photos to your micropub endpoint.


Person Tagging

OwnYourGram detects when an Instagram photo has person-tags, and then passes those along in the Micropub request!

E.g. http://aaron.pk/n4cm3

Implemented 2015-07-16 (requested 2015-07-14[1]!)


  • Detects IG @-username person-tags on a photo
  • Translates those to personal site URLs from the person's Instagram profile
    • If there is no such personal site URL, it sends the URL of the person's Instagram profile

This feature helps turn Instagram into an IndieWeb client capable of supporting Player A's client needs in SWAT0.[2]


Nothing currently.

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