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Unmung is a service that turns Atom and RSS feeds into h-feeds, currently available at https://unmung2.appspot.com/ due to domain registrar issues.

Hacked for IndieWebUK 2014 by Kevin Marks.

Code available on github.


  • A tool to turn feeds into h-feeds
  • A tool to turn any webpage into mf2 json
  • A tool to autolink and embed urls into HTML
  • A tool to show indiecards
  • A tool to show storycards
  • A tool to show JSON as HTML
  • A tool to extract JSON from HTML lists
  • A tool to make jf2 from mf2
  • Mastodon preview - shows previews of a Mastodon instance to give a user an idea of the community prior to joining. Also has a "random" button to allow looking at other instances at random. Also usable as a discovery tool.


If you came here looking for a service or tool to send Webmentions, see:

Sample Instructions

To use unmung for feeds, go to feed.unmung.com and enter the URL of an Atom or RSS feed, for example Daring Fireball.

You get an h-feed rendition of the feed.

This means you can subscribe to non-microformat feeds using a reader such as shrewdness or Woodwind, eg like this.

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