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Unmung is a service that turns Atom and RSS feeds into h-feeds.

Hacked for IndieWebUK 2014 by Kevin Marks.

Code available on github.


  • A tool to turn feeds into h-feeds
  • A tool to turn any webpage into mf2 json
  • A tool to autolink and embed urls into HTML
  • A tool to show indiecards
  • A tool to show storycards
  • A tool to show JSON as HTML
  • A tool to extract JSON from HTML lists
  • A tool to make jf2 from mf2
  • Mastodon preview - shows previews of a Mastodon instance to give a user an idea of the community prior to joining. Also has a "random" button to allow looking at other instances at random.

Sample Instructions

To use unmung for feeds, go to feed.unmung.com and enter the URL of an Atom or RSS feed, for example Daring Fireball.

You get an h-feed rendition of the feed.

This means you can subscribe to non-microformat feeds using a reader such as shrewdness or Woodwind, eg like this.

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