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GoDaddy is most well known for being a domain name hosting company, and hosted several early Homebrew Website Club meetups.


GoDaddy's mission is to radically shift the global economy toward life-fulfilling independent ventures, and as such, is in alignment with the principles of IndieWeb

Initial Efforts

In mid-2016, several members of GoDaddy's social media team began attending and evangelizing these principles internally. Myself, Stacey DePolo, began attending indieWeb Homebrew Club meetups in San Francisco, and eventually offered to host them in rotation with the usual location, Mozilla.

Internally, I've been evangelizing IndieWeb principles, and have found that many internal stakeholders, including our Chief Product Officer, Steven Aldrich, to our CEO, Blake Irving, believe that making indieWeb principles part of our products are key to achieving our stated mission.

Here's the current plan of action to make this partnership come to life:

1. discuss with team that builds our DIY product, Website Builder (completed August, 2016)
2. pitch dev team in charge of GoDaddy's Managed WordPress product (completed Nov. 2016)
3. Initiate IndieWeb verification within GoDaddy Employee Advocates (completed Oct. 2016, Noah Plumb, Isaac Irvine, Stacey DePolo have begun work)
4. Contact authors of GoDaddy's WordPress theme Primer to pitch indieWebification of it. (pursuing December 2016)

If you have any resources to offer or advice, please reach out to me on Twitter to help...@sdepolo


At the 1/12/18 Homebrew Website Club Meetup, we brainstormed an initial blog post to GoDaddy's company blog, and on 1/24/18 the fist post, authored by Johannes Ernst We're planning a series of posts to follow. Comment here to let us know what you'd like to see next.

The second in a series of posts on GoDaddy's blog on IndieWeb published on 2/21, authored by Ben Werdmuller

We're looking for guest authors to post for upcoming slots. Contact Stacey DePolo to volunteer to write.

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