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Here are some tools that are helpful for building and debugging an IndieWeb site.

Microformats Parsers

IndieAuth Tools

server configuration checks

Other Tools

  • - generate SSL certs for .dev domains for testing locally
  • a bunch of Unicode tools is listed on Unicode#Tools
  • shows how the authorship algorithm plays out for a given post.
  • w3c html validator to diagnose malformed html
  • Indie Stats, an Indieweb site crawler and MF2 data collection tool.
  • granary is a library and REST API that frees you from social network snowflake API and exposes the sweet social data foodstuff inside as HTML and JSON with microformats2, ActivityStreams, JSON Feed, Atom, XML, and more.
  • CSS Stats provides analytics and visualizations for your stylesheets. This information can be used to improve consistency in your design, track performance of your app, and diagnose complex areas before it snowballs out of control.

Atom/RSS feeds

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