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toolbox is a hosted web application which offers the ability to perform various tasks to assist people with checking that their website is "doing the right thing" for common IndieWeb features.

  • IndieWeb profile
  • IndieWeb endpoints for IndieAuth, Micropub, Microsub, etc)
  • authorization server metadata (per IndieAuth and rfc8414)
  • blogging APIs via Really Simple Discovery (RSD)

and to offer auxiliary activities such as to:

  • perform authorization code introspection
  • fetch public resources
  • fetch private resources (with the possibility for hands-off authorization code retrieval)
  • retrieve ip whois records

toolbox is developed by David Somers [omz13] and is written in TypeScript for the web browser client side, and golang for the server side, and uses a lightweight REST API to various libraries/packages which implement discovery and operational functionality, wrapped with server-side rendering to reduce load and simplify browser side aspects. The name "toolbox" was chosen because naming is hard and life is too short to come up with a cute or perfect name when a utilitarian one will suffice.

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