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A web application or web app is an application written in web technologies that runs in a web browser, and sometimes standalone on some devices.


If youโ€™re building a tool that helps a user get a specific task done but has little if any content of its own, consider building a web app.

How to

There are many online tutorials on building web apps. If you found one that helped you in building your IndieWeb webapp, please add it here.



Some general guidance:

Rather than using a JS framework, you can use mostly HTML to build web applications by following some development guidelines. As described in this blog post and demonstrated with examples:

Keep the following in mind:

  • Start with HTML. Keep the DOM stable and shallow. Donโ€™t overuse classes
  • Use CSS selectors and animation for little UI-behavior things when possible
  • Aggregate your view-model on edge
  • Server-side render with vanilla
  • Behaviors instead of components

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