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A bio is a commonly occurring page or homepage section that provides a summary description about a person. Bio information can either be on a dedicated page or often on the site home page.


A good bio should be concise. This is not a resume (that's what h-resume is for). This is to introduce people to the author and owner of the site.

IndieWeb Examples

on homepage


Tantek Çelik has a very brief bio on his home page since 2010-??-?? marked up with p-note inside his page h-card.

  • and a separate longer bio on a wiki page:


Aaron Parecki has a brief bio on his home page, and on the footer of every page, marked up with p-note inside his h-card.

Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier has a customizable bio on his homepage, ostensibly in part to make it easy for either himself or visitors to create a bio that suits their needs particularly if they're looking for text to put on another page or to use as an introduction for speaking engagements or other in-person introductions. The customizations provided by means of radio buttons include length (short, medium, long), style (1st person, 3rd person), and code (rendered, HTML, and Markdown).

screencapture of Chris Coyier's customizable bio on his homepage

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separate page

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has a casual bio on his about page since 2011-??-??:

  • see also: discussion about having a minimal h-card that links to a more complete h-card: h-card#Issues

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