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A bio is a commonly occurring page or homepage section that provides a summary description about a person. Bio information can either be on a dedicated page or often on the site home page.


A good bio should be concise. This is not a resume (that's what h-resume is for). This is to introduce people to the author and owner of the site.

IndieWeb Examples

on homepage


Tantek Çelik has a very brief bio on his home page since 2010-??-?? marked up with p-note inside his page h-card.

  • and a separate longer bio on a wiki page:


Aaron Parecki has a brief bio on his home page, and on the footer of every page, marked up with p-note inside his h-card.

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separate page

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has a casual bio on his about page since 2011-??-??:

  • see also: discussion about having a minimal h-card that links to a more complete h-card: h-card#Issues

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