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A resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that represents a person's background and skills, commonly used to secure employment.

IndieWeb Examples


  • Perhaps one could include a link in their h-card to their resumé for further information?
  • Amy Guy apparently had a similar thought:
For years I relied on PDFs and LinkedIn to share my professional experiences. But I am of the Web. I can no longer live this lie.

I have backdated a series of blog posts containing the kind of information one might expect to find on a CV. They are all tagged with cv and resume (look, i18n) so you can use this to view them together in chronological order of start date. They also have other related tags, which you can use to explore each particular entry in more detail if I blogged about it at the time (which is hit and miss). It's not organised quite like a traditional CV, with things clustered into categories like 'education' or 'work experience' - as such, it's not very good for skimming - but I'm sure you'll cope.

As each entry is a normal post, people can reply to them (via webmention). I might solicit some references for certain positions and add them as replies. Feel free to also reply to this post with general recommendations. Take that, LinkedIn!

Spelling and pronunciation

résumé is the French spelling (and pronounciation) for the English word "resume" when pronounced resumé.[1]

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