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"About" is a commonly occurring page or section on a site that provides an introduction, overview, or summary of the site. On a personal site, this would be usually be in the form of an expanded h-card about the person. About information can either be on a dedicated page, on every page (e.g. in a footer), or often on the site home page.

The key part of the About is the p-note of the h-card, which attempts to introduce the site visitor to the person in a simple and plain manner.


A good About p-note should be brief. There is always the opportunity to expand later. This is not a resume (that's what h-resume is for). This is to introduce people to the author and owner of the site.

IndieWeb Examples

on homepage


Tantek Çelik on tantek.com: "My name is Tantek. I work on open web standards and the indie web. I code, design, run, climb, and fight for the users."

Barnaby Walters

Barnaby Walters on waterpigs.co.uk: "I am a British web developer and luthier working at Vísar in Reykjavík, Iceland."

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has a small section at the top of aaronparecki.com with a short bio and some links to projects. He also links to a full/expanded biography as well as an about page.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett on snarfed.org: "I live, work, and play in San Francisco. I code, write, and post pictures here."


bear on bear.im: "Opsasaurus Ursus - professional curmudgeon currently working at &yet on the Operations Team."

separate page


Jeena Paradies on https://jeena.net/about is the main h-card with all the detailed data which shouldn't be on the homepage because it is just too much.


Kartik Prabhu on https://kartikprabhu.com/about#me is the main h-card with a p-note which reads -

"I think, discover, compute, make, build, code, design, write, paint, photograph, am!

I study mathematical properties of black holes and their effects on other things in the Universe. I spend my spare time on photography and, sometimes, painting. I write short stories, and haikus on occasion. I am also excited by the wonderful ideas in web design, and play around with the them on this site."

There is a minimal h-card with photo and name in the footer of the site on all pages that links to the full one using u-url u-uid.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill on http://gregorlove.com/about/ since 2011-??-??

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